Guy Photoshops Himself Into Celeb Pictures And The Result Will Leave You In Splits

I don’t know about you but for me, the world, suddenly, is a place of full unparalleled possibilities. Thanks to modern day technology aka photoshop, you don’t even have to go places physically. Just know the right use of brush, crop, tool and BOOM!

Remember Average Bob who amazed us all with is beyond average photoshopping skills? Ok let me rephrase that; remember the funny guy from Belgium who photoshopped himself into celebrity pictures and made you burst into fits of laughter? If you don’t, I have heard meditation helps with memory loss.

OR…you could just come along and look/ogle at his latest(s) pieces of art, you know, for the sake of posterity. So, ladies and gentleman, brace yourself for a laugh riot.  

1. Queen Bee doesn’t mind, who are we?


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2. Even the twins love him.

Awkward family picture… I wasn't ready! 😕

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3. Now, that’s a complete family!

4. Uff. Am I the only one fanning myself?

5. Looks like Justin left him out in the cold!

Justin, I can't feel my toes or nipples anymore… Am I about to die?

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6. Tissues problems are also a part of the picture.

7. And apparently, it wasn’t just once!

8. And he takes care of errands when he is not hanging off the edge, by his underwear.

9. Just strolling down the lane…

10. Where is the soot?

Ellen: 'Do you have any special talents?' Me:

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11. I’ll just let the caption do the talking…

Listening Taylor's lovestories. Good talk.

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12. He even helped Brangelina deal with their split.


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13. #Throwback

Good old times with the boiz ❤️ #PrankWarz

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14. Just swinging in with Lady Gaga.

How I experienced this year's Superbowl. 🏈

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15. Wait, he knows time travel?

Still ROFL’n? Mutual feeling my friend, mutual feeling.

Now, spread the smile, will ya?