Guy Gets Offended As Partner Gets An Abortion, Calls Her ‘Selfish’, Twitter Schools Him

There has been a lot of debate about abortion, whether or not it is ethical, and whether the sentiments of the family/partner should be kept under consideration. In different parts of the world, there have been protests led by women demanding the rights for abortion. Often, the argument that comes from the other side is that they would be ‘killing a baby’ and hence, it’s a crime.

Having said that, one guy took to Twitter to narrate how his partner got an abortion which left him offended and heartbroken. He said that she didn’t consider his feelings and the reason she gave was that she “wasn’t ready”.

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He said that there was no “credible” reason to abort the child.

He further added that abortion is used as a “scapegoat due to selfishness”.

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People online decided to school him on the matter. Firstly, it was pointed out that not being ready to have a child was a perfectly valid reason for a woman to get an abortion.

Next, it was established that it is the woman who has to bear the child and the nine-months worth of pain, body changes, etc. that comes with it. Therefore, ultimately it should be the woman’s decision.

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Some also suggested the guy to adopt a child or even partner with somebody who is willing to have a child.

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Many pointed out that he was the one who was being selfish because he wasn’t taking his partner’s (the one who would be carrying the baby) feelings into consideration.

People have for long been conditioned to believe that ‘ghar ka bachcha sab ka bachcha hota hai’. In the process, we keep forgetting that a woman has the right to autonomy over her own body. Shouldn’t she be the one to decide?

What are your thoughts on this issue? Tell us.

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