During Work Hours, Guy Makes Excel Sheet Comparing Online Deals On Products He Wants To Buy

Even the most diligent of employees have weak moments at work where they either open YouTube, Netflix, Instagram or online shopping sites and browse through them till their minds give them a wake-up call. One guy couldn’t wait till he went back home to browse through online shopping sites like Amazon, Myntra and Ajio and check for good deals on the products he wanted to buy.

He thought it was best to do so during peak work hours, that too while he was in an online meeting! A woman named Vanshika Garg took to Twitter to share a picture of his brother’s laptop screen. In it, we see that he has made an Excel sheet out of products he wants to purchase, a comparison of the different prices on different sites, and the links to those products.

He wanted to buy shoes, a jacket, a watch, shorts, a belt, crocs, etc. under a budget of Rs 15,000. Tweeting the picture, his sister wrote, “No way my cousin is calculating this during his work hours!! Peak baniya behaviour brooo.”

Have a look at her tweet here:

People online were left impressed by the guy’s budgeting skills and advised her to hire him as her accountant! Here’s what some of them said:

This guy has superb budgeting skills, TBH! 😀

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