Guy Makes A Painting In Which He Is Painting Himself Painting Himself Painting Himself

An artist’s imagination sees no boundaries. And sometimes they make some masterpieces that makes us applaud their brilliant skills. And this time it’s this painter who has been appreciated by people online for painting himself painting himself painting himself! Confused? Well, this man who goes by the name @seamuswray on Instagram, actually painted himself while painting a painting of himself.

According to Republic TV, the artist had earlier shared a picture of himself sitting on a chair. That’s when his Reddit fans asked him to draw a portrait of himself. The artist was kind enough to oblige their request and recently posted pictures of him making his painting.

Take a look at his life-size portrait:

Here he is, painting a painting of him painting himself on oil canvas.

Here’s another one and TBH, it reminds me of the movie ‘Inception’ and the concept of a dream within a dream within a dream.

In this picture his pet cat made a special appearance.

People online were amazed by his talent. Here’s how they reacted:

WOAH! Now that’s what’s called talent, haina?

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