Guy Hops On His First Ever Flight At The Age Of 27, Desis Share Similar Memorable Moments

Firsts are always special. Be it your first job to your first salary, your first train ride to your first date, it’s the kind of experience that you’ll never forget. The fun thing about ‘firsts’ is that it’s never too late to have them!

For example, a guy named Hemanth took to Twitter to share that at 27 years old, he boarded his first flight. He calls it a small win in his life which gave him immense happiness.

Sharing a picture of his boarding pass he wrote, “This is the first time I’m travelling in flight and I’m 27yrs old. Small W in my life, feeling so happy!”

Have a look:

Touched by this tweet, several other people shared their memorable experiences of hopping on their first flight in their twenties. Many also congratulated him on achieving this moment. For some, it might seem like a small thing. But for many others, it is their first stepping stone to the life of their dreams.

It’s very important to celebrate our small wins. So the next time something like this makes you feel special, share it with the world! 🙂

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