Support Pours In For Guy Who Hilariously Replied To SRK Asking Him To Do A Film With Tabu

After Jawan’s release, Shahrukh Khan’s daily routine probably includes waking up in the morning, looking at skyrocketing box office numbers, responding to posts on X (formerly Twitter) and going back to sleep! 😛 Every day he is seen thanking people online on social media for their wonderful messages regarding Jawan and the King’s performance.

Image source: Jawan.

However, one fan has had enough of Shahrukh’s constant posts. He responded to one of his posts by saying enough is enough, now do a film with Tabu!

“Sara din Twitter pe pade rehte ho har aire gaire ko reply dene achha Tabu ke sath ek film kyon ni kar lete?” he wrote.

This roughly translates to, “You are on Twitter all day responding to every stranger. Instead of replying to everyone, isn’t it better to do a film alongside Tabu?”

He has a point.

Several people showered the guy with support and asked SRK to finally make a rom-com with Tabu. Itna toh we all deserve!

Is SRK reading this? 😀

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