Guy Rents New Home, Helps Mom Quit Low-Pay Job & Live Comfortably By Working Online

Gone are the days when people put a lot of importance on getting a fancy degree from a fancy college, competitive examinations and government jobs. Now it’s all about the kind of skills you have and how you utilize them to make money. Thanks to the internet, nowadays people can learn new skills for free every day and find potential employers online who are seeking employees with the same skills online. Many are even earning in international currency and living a better lifestyle.

One such person is Ayush Goyal, who is an accountant turned copywriter. He finds his clients online and is able to earn a great deal of money with his copywriting skills. He uses social media platforms like Twitter for networking, increasing visibility and creating a brand for himself.

By working for clients he finds online, he was recently able to help his mother quit a 9-5 job which was paying her a little over Rs 5000 a month.

“My mum just escaped her $70/month 9-5 to become a full-time mother and wife. This was her dream. I still remember when we both cried in the bathroom because we had no money for my college. Twitter not only changed my life but my mother’s as well,” Ayush tweeted.

Have a look:

That’s not all. From living in a tiny 1-bedroom apartment and working inside the kitchen, he was finally able to afford a 2-room apartment with a dedicated office space.

“I made my first $1,000 online working in my Kitchen Office. We lived in a one-room tiny apartment. (No dedicated office) But now we just moved into a 2-room apartment with my dedicated office,” he tweeted.

Have a look:

Seeing his amazing journey of hitting one milestone after another, people online showered him with immense love, support and best wishes. Here’s how some of them reacted:

Love these kind of success stories. They are realistic in showing the small wins that later on combine to drastically change one’s life. 🙂

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