Guy Helps A Girl In Class Who Suddenly Got Her Period, Goes To Medical Store & Buys A Treat Too

Even today, menstruation is a hush-hush topic in Indian households. Women of the family refuse to talk about periods in front of men, even when they need their help. They continue to buy their own pads, go about their day, and sometimes suffer in silence. But it is important for men to learn about periods and have frank conversations with their mothers, sisters and female friends so that they can understand better, be more sensitive and help the women in their lives during that time of the month.

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A girl named Ayushka took to Twitter to share a heartwarming story about how a guy in her class came to her help when she suddenly got her period and didn’t have a sanitary napkin.

“Today when I was in my training institute, I got my period. I didn’t have sanitary napkins, and neither did that girl I knew in my class. During the class I was in so much pain, that the guy next to me noticed and asked if I needed anything,” she tweeted.

During break time, the guy took the girl to a medical store, bought sanitary napkins and was thoughtful enough to bring her ice cream too!

“I asked him if we have any medical store near us. He searched for the directions, and asked me to come with him during the break. We went to the store, he went in to buy the napkins, and also bought me ice cream. I am so overwhelmed now I am literally falling for this city and its people.”


This touched the hearts of innumerable people online who expressed their adoration towards the guy. Here’s what some of them have been saying:

A few months ago, there was this guy who posted an Instagram Reel sharing that at a very young age, his father taught him and his brother about periods and how they must help and look after their mother while she is on her period. This guy’s story reminded us of him.

Doesn’t he totally fit the ‘men written by women’ trope? 😀

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