Guy Shares How Uncles Harassed Him, Called The Cops As He Was Walking His Dog In The Park

In many housing societies and neighbourhoods in our country, you will find uncles and aunties creating issues over minor things. For example, in the past, elderly uncles stopped youngsters from playing football in the park. In another incident, doctors and nurses working during the Covid-19 pandemic were asked to vacate their flats in a society in Goa.

In yet another incident, a guy was harassed by uncles and aunties of a neighbourhood as he was walking his dog in the park. They even called the cops on him. He took to Reddit to share his ordeal.

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One morning when the guy took his dog, Ollie, out for a walk in the park, one woman complained to him that it was not allowed. Despite the dog being on a leash, a few other people joined the woman to harass the guy and even shouted at him.

“We were having a blast there running laps, while one auntie came and started to tell me it’s not allowed. I told her it is allowed if he’s leashed and if I pick up his potty, but he won’t do it anyway since he just doesn’t in parks. It didn’t matter what I said she kept going on and on, then one uncle joined her, then another one came and another started shouting at me across the whole park.”

The people said that if the guy brings his dog to the park again, they would call the police.

“They kept harassing me so I told them to call the police and leave me alone. They said if I come tomorrow again they will. It’s probably worth mentioning street dogs keep running in that park all the time.”

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A few days later when the guy took his dog to the park again, as many as 8 uncles and aunties confronted him. The guy went on to show them a guideline issued by the government regarding taking pet dogs to the park, but the people came up with bizarre excuses to make their case. He also shared videos on YouTube related to the incident.

“It started alright, they just came to again tell me I’m not allowed to have my dog there. I told again the same, that it’s been allowed now if the dog is on a leash, only this time I also handed them the “Guidelines for allowing pet dogs in the public parks” which confirm my statement. They proceeded to read it as you can see in the first video and every few minutes they’d come up with a reason why it’s not true. Like: it applies only for New Delhi. It doesn’t mention parks, only public grounds and grounds are not parks.”

They called the cops on him and when the police arrived, the officials sided with the people of the neighbourhood and took him and his dog to the police station.

“None of the cops spoke English, so there wasn’t much I could do. I handed them the guidelines, but uncles told them it’s fake and not applicable here, so they followed. They asked my name, address and contact number and said they’ll file a complaint. I told them I’ll visit their station with a lawyer to clear this up. This all took almost an hour so I asked if I can go home now they said I can.”

The guy went on to add:

“After 5 minutes of walking being half-way home a police jeep stopped me and they told me get with Ollie in the back. I asked why, they just said to get in the back that we’re going to the station. I cooperated. They asked for some personal info and I handed them both the documents the english original and the google translated one. They claimed it states it’s not allowed to visit parks when public is there. After about 45 mins they asked me to call my father-in-law to come, because not much of communication was possible. He came, three of the uncles arrived right afterwards. They talked friendly for 5-10 mins and we went home. The complainant wasn’t filed in the end, but Ollie is not allowed in the park.”

Things took a turn for the better when the guy got in touch with a friend who worked for an animal welfare association, who then went on to sort things out with the police. In an update posted by the guy, he claimed that his friend said, “Ok it’s sorted. No one will stop you from taking dogs for walk. They will set up timings as per law which will not be uncomfortable to either parties. Until they do that you are 100% free to take your dog for walk on leash. He [the president] is calling all the residents and telling them not to mess with you.”

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In many states across the country, walking your dog in a public park is not illegal. However, the owner has to ensure that the dog is on a leash the whole time and must scoop their excreta from the park.

Do you think the harassment of the pet owner was justified?

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