Girl Posts Her Pic & Asks Twitter To Guess Her Height, Guy Cracks It With Trigonometry

You know, we often complain that the lessons we learnt back in school, especially advanced mathematics, are not useful for us when we grow up and step into the real world. I mean, geometry and trigonometry don’t help us pay our taxes, right? But as it turns out, it can be helpful for a lot of other things. Here’s a look.

A woman named Pallavi Pandey took to Twitter to share a picture of herself and asked people online to guess her height.

While others played the guessing game, one guy stepped up and used trigonometry to guess the woman’s height! Here’s a detailed look at all the math that panned out.

His conclusion: Pallavi’s height is 5 feet 4 and a half inches.

Several people online, including the girl herself, lauded the guy for his efforts that reminded the world that the lessons we learnt back in school do come to use in real life!

If you are thinking that his answer was right, it wasn’t actually. Pallavi later tweeted that she is wayyyy taller.

But hats off for the effort! 😛

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