Guy Finds His 65-YO Dad Cutting His 98-YO Grandma’s Nails, People Call It ‘True Love’

The love that we have for our parents transcends time and space. There will come a time when we will have to take care of them like they took care of us when we were little and believe me, it would be a privilege.

I say this because one guy named Abhraneel Malakar from Kolkata took to Facebook to post a picture of his 65-year-old father cutting the toe-nails of his 98-year-old grandma and it is a heartwarming sight to behold!

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Abhraneel went on to write, “I have a habit of waking up late. However, in the morning, with my sleepy eyes I saw that a 65-year-old man is cutting the nails of a 98-year-old elderly woman. The man is my father and the elderly woman is my grandma. This kind of love doesn’t need a specific Mothers’ Day. I wish every person is able to return their mother’s love like this.” 

Have a look at his post here:

"ভালোবাসা" বরাবরই দেরি করে ঘুম থেকে ওঠার অভ্যেস আমার। সকালবেলা ঘুম ঘুম চোখে দেখলাম একজন 65 বছরের ভদ্রলোক একজন 98 বছরের…

Posted by Abhraneel Malakar on Thursday, April 1, 2021

The picture touched the hearts of several people online. Many called it “precious” and hoped that they could also take care of their parents the same way.

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Every parent deserves to be treated with love and dignity in their old age. Perhaps we all can take back this lesson from Abhraneel’s post!

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