Guy Creates Epic ‘Google Search’ Themed Resume To Send To His ‘Dream Company’ Google

Some of the top companies in the world including Google, Microsoft, Apple Inc., Amazon, etc. probably have thousands of resumes coming in for consideration every day. Gone are the days when you could just type your qualifications and experiences on Microsoft Word and email the document. Nowadays, people are coming up with creative ways to spice up their resumes so they stand out from the crowd.

Similarly, one guy named Aditya Sharma, who has worked for companies like PwC and Deloitte, took to LinkedIn to share a sample of the resume he had created for his dream company Google. And it’s ‘Google search’ themed!

With the look of Google’s ‘dark theme’, Aditya’s resume looks exactly like the landing page after you Google Search something. In this case, Aditya has Google searched ‘What does a good employee look like’ and Google suggested ‘Aditya Sharma’. Next follows his educational qualifications followed by his work experience.

His skills and other relevant information are all mapped out in the ‘Related Search’ section.

And an overview of his personality is just like the usual brief descriptions we get on the right side of the page after a Google search.

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So, the entire page looks something like this:

“Google is the dream company of many, but they are extremely selective. So, I have come up with a creative version of a Google dark theme resume,” Aditya wrote on LinkedIn.

Have a look at his full post here:

Several people took to the comments section to laud his creativity and effort. Some also shared constructive criticism to make his resume look even better.

But we have to agree, this resume is one of a kind!

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