Guy Asks What To Do If A Future Bride Has A Cooking Fail During Rishta Visit, Gets Schooled

Till now, we might have come across a lot of men in our lives. Some would make delicious spreads for us, and others don’t even know how to make tea. But despite their lack of skills, they sure have the audacity to judge women for the same.

Taking to Twitter, user Varunram Ganesh penned a situation wherein a 28-year-old man went to a girl’s house for rishta and was shocked on seeing the dish she cooked.

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He posted a picture of a scrambled dosa and asked people online, ‘What should a guy do when someone who claims to be a good cook comes back with this’?

“You are 28 and you are Indian. Your parents set you up with this girl, and you go with your family to visit her. You are a bit hungry and the girl’s family says “she cooks very well” so you think “I’ll eat one dosa, why not”. She goes in and brings this back. What do you do?”

Well, since he asked for people’s opinions, they flooded him with some and suggested the guy in his hypothetical scenario should look into hiring a cook or a maid and not a partner.

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Just a reminder that this is a made-up situation.

To me, the guy comes across as an entitled rajkumar. Also, if the woman serves someone with such a dosa after claiming she’s a good cook then the guy should take the hint and leave.

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