Guy Compares One Well-Maintained Road Of Surat To Entire Dubai, Starts Joke-Fest Online

India is a country that is full of surprises. If you go to Meghalaya, you will find the crystal clear Dawki River. In Mizoram, you will find Aizawl, a quaint little hill station with a killer view! And no matter how much we praise Indian architecture, it will never be enough.

However, nowadays you will find a lot of people comparing a particular aspect of a certain Indian city with some of the biggest cities in the world, which sometimes becomes a bit of an exaggeration. Here’s an example.

A user on X (formerly Twitter) named Mr Sinha shared a video taken on a particular road in Surat. He went on to compare that road to Dubai – a city known for its clean, lavish and well-lit roads. He wrote, “This is not Dubai but Surat”.

Have a look:

This was enough to spark a massive joke-fest on social media as people said that this road looks nothing like Dubai. Another user pointed out that the road featured in the video is Dumas Road, which is a posh commercial street.

Here’s a look at some of the reactions online:

Maybe if all the roads of Surat were as good as this one, we could compare it to one of the leading cities in the world. Don’t you think?

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