Hilarious Video Of Guy Being Chased By A Chicken After Letting It Out Goes Viral

Ornithophobia. Though the word is quite fancy, I rather disagree with its definition. The abnormal and irrational fear of birds is known as ornithophobia. “Abnormal and irrational,” they say. Excuse me, people who penned this term, I beg to disagree. There is nothing irrational or abnormal about fearing birds. Those beaky flappers are probably the most underrated predators out there.

Okay, sure, some of them are rather pretty and the ones that fly do look really elegant up in the sky. But but but… all that could change in a matter of seconds and you’ll instead have wings slapping you, beaks poking you, and claws scratching you.

And among this species of vandals hiding behind pretty feathers, the one I trust the least is none other than…

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Okay, for those who just raised your eyebrows, let me tell you what happened to this guy:

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The picture looks pretty normal, doesn’t it? Just a guy running.

But WHY is the guy running? Take a look at this image which is from a few seconds later:

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The guy is running because he is being chased. By. A. Chicken!

Why? Here’s why:

That’s it! All the poor guy does is let it out of captivity. Now, I don’t know about you, if I were trapped inside a cage all night, I’d be grateful to the person who lets me out. I wouldn’t be chasing him like someone set fire to my tail!

His followers had hilarious reactions to the ‘Chicken Chase’:

1. Maybe we should think about hiring them in the police force.

2. This one’s going to come in my nightmares tonight.

3. Evidently, these cluckers do this a lot.

4. Oh, now they’re training to run in shoes as well? Hide, people! Hide!!!

5. Yes! Show that son-of-a-hen a KFC logo while at it.

6. The end is near.

7. It’s this year’s scariest horror movie.

8. Or maybe this is all just a misunderstanding and the chicken just wants to thank him for letting it out.

However, I highly doubt that’s the case.

In conclusion: