Gurugram Man Beats Neighbour With Stick For Calling His Dog ‘Kutta’ Instead Of ‘Tommy’

Many dogs owners are really possessive when it comes to their pets. It is never okay for other people to treat pet dogs in any way their owners find disrespectful. For example, calling a pet dog ‘Kutta’ is something that could enrage some dog parents.

A similar thing happened in Gurugram where a man beat his neighbours after one of them called his dog ‘kutta’ instead of calling it by its name – ‘Tommy’. According to Times Now, the incident happened in Cybercity.

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Sudhir, the neighbour, was annoyed by the dog’s alleged “violent” nature and wanted it to be leashed. When he asked the pet-owner to chain his dog, he addressed the pet as ‘kutta’ and not ‘tommy’. That’s when the owner got furious and started arguing.

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Soon, the argument turned into a violent fight. In a video that captured the incident, the dog-parent is seen hitting Sudhir and his family members with a stick. They suffered severe injuries, reports India Today.

Sudhir has filed an FIR against the dog owner.

To watch the video, click here.

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Nothing can justify the violence that broke out between the two neighbouring families. This is highly condemnable!

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