Delhi Gurudwaras To Celebrate Guru Nanak Jayanti By Distributing 2 Lakh Saplings As Prasad!


Today, people are coming up with some really innovative ways to promote tree plantation. Right from making newly admitted students in colleges plant trees to making tree plantation compulsory for people who wish to register a home, people have started taking their social responsibilities quite seriously.

Taking a similar green step, Gurudwaras in Delhi will be celebrating Guru Nanak Jayanti this year in a unique style. Delhi Gurudwara Management Committee has decided to plant around 2 lakh saplings in the city on the occasion of 550th birth anniversary year of Guru Nanak Devji.

Accordingly, all the Gurudwaras in the city will be distributing saplings as prasad to the worshipers. All these saplings will be planted across all gurudwaras and Sikh educational institutes in Delhi.


Talking to TOI, President of the committee Manjinder Singh Sirsa said:

“It is mandatory for all freshers at 9 colleges affiliated to the Delhi University, managed by the Committee, to plant 10 trees from the current academic session to celebrate Guru Nanak Dev’s love for nature.”

The committee will be distributing saplings of plants and trees mentioned in the Gurbani such as Neem and Ber among other species beneficial for the environment from Sikh shrines, Mr. Sirsa told NDTV.

“About two lakh saplings of fruit-bearing tree species and those that absorb air pollutants like mango, amla, jamun, gulmohar, neem and Ber will be distributed among gurdwara devotees as ‘prasad’ to promote environmental protection and a sustainable ecosystem in the national capital”, he said

It will be a compulsory project for the students in Sikh educational institutes and they will also be evaluated on it. The marks will be included in their final result.

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The Sikh community has always volunteered for the betterment of society. They have time and again helped in aiding the flood victims with food supplies and also in providing water tankers to the drought-hit areas. They have once again set an example for people by taking a step ahead in curbing environmental threats by initiating tree plantation drive.


We hope more people get inspired and follow their footsteps!

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