Gurgaon Woman Hires Cab For 12 Hrs & Refuses To Pay, Threatens Cops, Driver & Journo

There have been innumerable cases where women have misused the law to wrongfully frame somebody for a crime they didn’t commit. Remember the Lucknow woman who was caught physically assaulting a cab driver for allegedly trying to run over her? The woman was found guilty of wrongfully framing the innocent cab driver.

In a similar incident, a woman in Gurgaon named Jyoti hired a cab driven by a man named Irshad at 10 PM and allegedly roamed around till 11 AM in the morning. She then refused to pay Rs 2000 to the driver. Irshad was forced to call the police. A video was shared on Twitter by journalist Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj who too confronted the woman. Be the police or the journalist, the woman behaved in an extremely rowdy manner with both parties and refused to pay her due.

Here’s a look at the video:

As it turns out, the woman is a repeat offender. In the past, she was recorded pulling off a similar stunt and threatened to file a molestation or harassment case against the driver. Have a look:

Probably since there were no female police officers around, the woman said that she would arrive at the police station via an autorickshaw and file a complaint. However, she didn’t show up at the police station and it was concluded that she probably escaped.

Several people online slammed the woman for trying to scam and wrongfully frame the cab driver and many demanded action from Gurgaon police against the woman. Here’s a look at some of the reactions to the video:

Imagine how helpless the poor cab driver must have felt throughout the entire ordeal. Such a shameful thing to do!

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