‘India’s Moment Taken Away’: Guneet Monga On Not Given A Chance To Speak At The Oscar Stage

Even though Indian film producer Guneet Monga proved her mettle on an international platform by winning an Oscar award, she wasn’t given a chance to speak her mind and give her winning speech.

After watching the video, people called out the discrimination and questioned the Academy for this biased behavior towards the female Indian artist.


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In the videos that have been circulating online, an excited Guneet was seen all set with her speech on the phone, ready to address the star-studded gathering. However, the organizers hinted at her to leave the stage just after Kartiki, her teammate, got done with her speech despite the fact that the winners are given 45 seconds with the mic.

Now, the producer has spoken her mind on this incident. Talking to the Times Of India, the producer said that she was disheartened about not getting a chance to speak on the stage.

“I am extremely disheartened that my speech was cut off. There was a shock on my face. I just wanted to say it’s India’s first Oscar in Indian production, which is such a huge thing. My heart started racing as I couldn’t have come so far and not be heard.”

“Western media is pulling up The Academy that I did not get to speak. People are so offended that I did not get the chance to deliver my speech. There are videos and tweets online expressing disappointment that I couldn’t get to speak. This was India’s moment taken away from me.”


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However, the motivated woman says that she will come back again and make sure her voice is heard.

“But then, I thought it’s okay, I’ll come back here and I will make sure I’m heard. I have got multiple opportunities to share my thoughts and it’s heartening to receive all the love. So a little empathy can go a long way here.”

Well said, Guneet. More power to you!

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