Pilot Gul Panag Is Sharing Pics Of Her Flying And Is Breaking Stereotypes One Post At A Time!

Gul Panag has never known to be one to make conventional choices. Even in her most iconic performance as Zeenat in Dor, she was a strong-willed, independent girl fighting for her husband’s freedom. And what’s more, Gul continues to be an inspiration in real life too. (She arrived on a bike for her wedding for God’s sake!)

Last year in November 2016, Gul Panag, completed her lifelong dream to become a pilot. She has now been soaring high and has also been sharing the most gorgeous photographs of another accomplishment well done!

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To her credit, she’s also a biking enthusiast and calls herself an “adrenaline junkie”. Maybe that’s where her obsession with the skies came from. According to a Times of India report, she said,

“I used to pass the flying academy in Patiala every day on my way to college. I wanted to be a part of it as a hobby but the course was expensive and I didn’t want to burden my parents.

When I shared the idea with my husband, Rishi Attari, who is a commercial pilot he encouraged me to fulfil my dream.”

The multi-faceted actor, Gul even tried her hand at politics. She was an active member of the India Against Corruption movement and even stood as the Aam Aadmi Party candidate from Chandigarh for the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections.

She calls herself “avgeek” which is basically an aviation geek! How cute is that?

An Army brat and the daughter of Lieutenant General Panag, she has fitness and adventure coursing through her blood. Maybe that’s why her thrill-seeking personality knows no bounds!

Isn’t this a gorgeous shot of the runway making you want to spread your wings and fly too?

She has run the Delhi Half Marathon and even spoken about being eve teased during it. She’s a social activist and runs an NGO for gender equality, education, and disaster management.

Is there anything Gul cannot do?

Gul has broken all kind of stereotypes and notions one may have about actors or females in general. Her continuous strife to fight all odds and compete only with herself is what makes her outdo her yesterday for a better today.

Keep soaring high Gul, the sky is literally the limit!