Gujarat School Makes Students Write Letters To PM In Support Of CAA, Parents Retaliate


The Citizenship Amendment Act has stirred waves of controversy in the nation. In case you didn’t know, the CAA strives to give Indian citizenship to illegal migrants who are Hindu, Sikh, Jain, Christian, and Parsi from Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Afghanistan who entered the country on or before December 31, 2014. People have been divided over their views of this act and protests have erupted in several parts of the country.

However, a private school in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, recently asked its students from class V to X to write postcards addressing PM Modi, congratulating him for the Citizenship Amendment Act and showing their support for the same, reports The Indian Express.

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According to the report, teachers wrote the congratulatory message on the board and asked the students to copy it. This is what the message said:

“Congratulations. I, citizen of India, congratulate honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi for CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act). I and my family support this act.”

The students were asked to address the postcards to “PMO, South Block secretariat building, Raisina Hills, New Delhi” along with their residential address. The incident happened in Little Star School, an all-girls school.

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One of the parents revealed that when a few students of class X protested, they were told that “those who did not submit these postcards would not be given marks in the internal exams”.

“My daughter studies in Class VI. I got to know on Tuesday evening that her teacher had asked the entire class to write congratulatory messages in support of CAA to Modi. My child doesn’t understand the issue. She is being forced to be a part of it, which is unacceptable to us,” another parent said.

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A good number of parents arrived at the school’s owner’s office and protested against the exercise. The school management then called it a “misunderstanding” and went on to return the postcards to the parents. The parents then tore the postcards in the management’s office as an act of retaliation.

In a formal statement, the school’s management said:

“The issue has been sorted out, it was a case of misuse of authority by some teachers who conducted the exercise in some classes on Tuesday without my knowledge. We returned the postcards to the parents, and they tore them up.”

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Do you think involving school students in matters they are partially or completely unaware of is acceptable? Tell us!


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