Gujarat Man Wakes Up Hearing Weird Noise At Night, Finds Crocodile Inside Toilet

Honestly, I speak on behalf of many of us when I say that I dread going to the toilet at night because I fear being attacked by reptiles, murderers, and/or ghosts. And this one incident which you’re about to read will be successfully stealing my goodnight’s sleep for many nights to come.

According to a report by NDTV, a man in Gujarat was woken up from his sleep by a weird noise coming from the bathroom. When he went on to check, he was shocked to find a crocodile sitting in one corner, giving him killer looks and showing off his massive teeth.

If this isn’t your worst nightmare come true, I don’t know what is.

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The incident took place in Vadodara and the 4.5 feet long crocodile is believed to have strayed into the house from the nearby river Vishwamitri. According to another report by DNA, the man called Wildlife Rescue Trust for help. After a rescue team arrived, it took an hour capture the reptile because of the dark.

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“It was a bit tough to rescue the reptile as it was dark. The crocodile was also aggressive,” a member of the trust said.

Watch the rescue operation here:

Apparently, incidents of crocodiles entering residential areas aren’t uncommon in Vadodara since the river Vishwamitri is filled with them. Vadodara peeps, beware!