Gujarat Man Sticks License, RC On Helmet To Avoid Getting Fined By Traffic Cops!

The new Motor Vehicles Amendment Bill has been the recent cause of concern for citizens. With the hefty fines that are now being imposed on violators, one really cannot afford to hit the streets without keeping their documents in order. Recently, a helmetless rider in Gurugram was fined Rs. 23,000 for being unable to show his license and registration certificate.

In order to save himself from fines and any kind of harassment, one man from Gujarat came up with an idea which can be called the baap of all jugaads! He went on to paste his driver’s license, registration certificate, insurance slip, and pollution control certificate all on his helmet!

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According to sources, the man, Ram Shah, is an insurance agent who travels every day by a two-wheeler. Now, whenever he is stopped by a traffic police official, he doesn’t need to worry because all his documents are stuck on his head!

“This way I am never hassled on the road and I don’t have to pay any fine ever,” he said.

A video captured a full view of his helmet where he is seen pointing out the documents stuck on different sides of the helmet.

Netizens are lauding this man for his pure genius!

Coming to think of it, this indeed is a great way to avoid challans!