Angry Gujarat Farmer Bites Snake For Revenge After Getting Bitten, Both Die

What would you do if you are bitten by a snake? You would probably rush yourself to the nearest hospital or ask for help, right? While most of us would go with either of the two, a man in Mahisagar, a village in Gujarat decided to take revenge!

According to TOI, 70-year-old Parvat Gala Baria was working on his farm when a poisonous snake bit him. Angered by the attack, Parvat picked up the snake and literally devoured it. He was so furious with the snake’s charge that he wanted to kill it.

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Baria’s daughter-in-law Leela Baria told the media that a relative of his, who saw the entire incident take place, took Parvat to the hospital. He also burnt the snake and carried its remains to show it to the doctor.

Unfortunately, the man did not receive any treatment at the first go. He had to knock the doors of three hospitals (a government, private and to a civil hospital) to finally earn medical care. However, it was too late for poor Parvat as he succumbed to the poisonous bite.

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The entire episode highlights the lack of efficiency of medical facilities in our country. Being one of the biggest developing nations, India surely has a long way to go!

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