Gujarat International Kite Festival Is Here And Pics Will Make You Sing ‘Blowin’ In The Wind’

Uttrayan is here and the Gujarat skies are sprinkled with colour. Kites are taking flight and celebration and frolic is in the air.

Amidst this, the International Kite Festival 2018 is has already begun in Ahmedabad. The fanfare and fun is real with travellers and participants gracing the festival from all over the country.

The festival commenced on the 7th of January and is on until the 14th of January!

The Kite festival is being organised in Gujarat since 1989 making it the 29th International Kite festival according to Times of India. The kites vary in shapes and sizes all floating along with the wind making the skies looking marvellous!

We have most vivid and whacky pictures of the festival being celebrated all over!

1. Gujarat tourism account had a few pictures to share of the festival. And let’s say this once and for all- the Guju skies are splattered with shades and hues of all colours!

2. Okay, that’s some size for a kite!

3. Moooooooo!

4. Doesn’t this look like Barney the dino and Charizard had a baby!

5. Is that a blue lizard? Creative, that’s what I’d say!

#kite #kitefestival

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6. Blowin’ in the wind!

7. Not only on your phone screens, emojis are now hovering in your skies too!

8. Wow! This looks like it’s some level of festive fun!

Not only this, to add to the festive fervour people are flying kites all over too. And the happiness literally knows no bounds!

1. Just look at the myriad hues at this kite sellers shop. This is definitely a kid’s paradise!

2. Another kite seller’s artistic excellence displayed!

3. That’s another gorgeous picture of the spool! Just look at the hues of threads!

4. Eye of the tiger!

5. Look, it’s a dragon coming your way. DUCK!

6. *hums Ha Manjha, Ha Manjha, Ha Manjha…”

Is it just me or has there been some serious increase in the level of creativity in the kite making industry? I mean when I was a kid the only choice we had was between different coloured diamond shaped kites!

But anyway, Happy Makar Sankranti you guys (and as Maharashtrians say “Til gud ghya ani god god bola“!) Hope your worries fly away with wind and you have a vibrant year ahead.