Gujarati Groom Has Epic Shaadi Without A Bride; His Family & 800 Guests Kept A Special Secret!

Weddings are a celebration of love between a couple about to embark on a journey called marriage. Desi shaadis, in particular, commemorate the happy occasion with a lot of pomp and show. There are dhol beats, dancing and lots of customs and traditions. But one family from Gujarat organised a wedding for their son without a bride. Read on to know the special reason behind their decision.

According to The Times of India, the family of Ajay Barot, a 27-year-old with learning disabilities, fulfilled his wish of having his own baraat. They celebrated his wedding in Champlanar village on 10 May with all their loved ones.

Ajay was diagnosed with a learning impairment when he was quite young and lost his mother soon thereafter. He attended a special school during childhood. His father (Vishnu Barot) explains,

“The event was not just to keep Ajay happy — it was also about the family finding solace in the fact that he could experience it. There was no intention of mocking weddings or his sentiments. We know it will be difficult for him to get married. We were heartened that so many of our relatives and villagers became a part of the event.”

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His uncle Kamlesh Barot says they went all out during the festivities and organised a garba night and haldi ceremony for the groom. He had 200 baraatis and around 800 people attended the wedding feast.

“The family got together and decided that he would have his ‘varghodo’ (wedding procession). We had wedding invitations printed, performed all the rituals by getting a priest, and organized the procession and the feast. Ajay was beaming throughout.”

Netizens applauded Ajay’s father for coming up with this wonderful idea.

Kudos to Mr. Vishnu and his family for holding such a unique wedding. We wish Ajay all the happiness in the world!

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