From The Riverfront To Navratri Nights, People Discuss The Best Things About Gujarat

Everything about Gujarat and its heritage has often intrigued and fascinated me, from yummy Gujarati food like dhoklas and theplas to the Gir forest proudly housing majestic Asiatic lions. The monuments, crafts, and festivals have made it to my bucket-list of experiences one must have.

brown concrete building under white clouds during daytime
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But what do the Gujjus have to say? A Twitter user asked people what they think is the best thing about the city.

Here’s what people had to say:

woman in green and black dress smiling
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red and yellow paper lantern
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man in black jacket and black pants walking on sidewalk during daytime
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people walking on green grass field near brown dome building during daytime
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And of course, people with hilarious responses are always there:

So, do you agree with these responses? What more would you like to add? Tell us!

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