There’s NO Chance You’ll Guess This Fruit At One Glance And No They Aren’t Strawberries

No, not a strawberry and definitely not a peeled strawberry.

This pale fruit right here, that looks like a litchi with red spots on it, is nothing but an albino cousin of strawberry, with a twist. These tiny blobs of happiness are called Pine-berries, pineberries.

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The twist you ask? Well, it tastes like fucking pineapples and thus the name.

For those like me, who are still confused, on the right are strawberries and on the left are PINEBERRIES.

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Are we on the same page now?

Pineberries were sold for the first time in America at a farmer’s market in 2012. They are available from spring to summer. Pineberries are comparatively smaller than strawberries and apparently not as famous too.

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But they are delicious and cute as hell! Everyone at Storypick guessed them wrong. Try one picture on your friends and tell us in the comments below what were their wild guesses?

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H/T: IndiaToday

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