Forget WFH, Desi Groom ‘Works From Mandap’ Before Wedding Rituals While Pandit Ji Waits

The pandemic has made ‘work from home’ the new normal. But some people have stretched the idea a bit further. While some worked while stay-cationing in the mountains, others worked while on a road trip.

And now, a video has been going viral online in which a groom can be seen working from the mandap during his wedding! According to The Indian Express, the groom can be seen sitting side the mandap, sajh dhajh ke, with a laptop in hand. The pandit ji sitting on the opposite side seems to wait for him to get done.

The bride, on the other hand, is seen sitting across the room and laughing! Have a look at the video here:

Last year, in a similar incident, a bride was seen working on her laptop while attending calls during her wedding.

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People online called the video “epic” and felt sorry for the bride! Here’s what some of them said:

Kudos to the bride for keeping her calm!

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