UP Bride Cancels Wedding As Groom Starts Drama & Sings ‘Aashiq Hu Main, Kaatil Bhi Hoon’

No one is untouched by the jalwa of Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan. Be it his ardent fan or a film junkie, when it comes to romance, everyone tries to imitate the king of Bollywood.

But, since not everyone can be SRK, imitating him while attempting to woo women can sometimes land people in trouble. Something along these lines happened with a groom from the Mau district of Uttar Pradesh.

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Everything seemed perfectly normal. The groom arrived at the wedding location with his procession and was seated comfortably on the stage. But suddenly, a Bollywood keeda bit him and the Shah Rukh Khan in him started getting out of his system.

He thought it would be appropriate to start singing SRK’s popular song ‘Baadshah O Baadshah’ from the 1999 movie ‘Badshah’ on the stage, reported Times Now.

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In full hero style, the guy went up the stage and started shouting, “Marte dum tak lekar jaunga Dulhan. Aashiq hoon mai, qatil bhi hoon, sabke dilo mei shamil bhi hoon. Vaadon se apne mukarta nahi, marne se mai kabhi darta nahi.”

(I will take the bride along with me till my last breath. I’m a lover, a killer, and rule everyone’s heart. I don’t take back my promises and am not afraid of dying.)

Showcasing his peculiar antics and hand movements, he entertained everyone present at the venue. The groom disrupting the wedding function with his impromptu performance even prompted the cops to arrive at the event and see him in action.

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Watching the groom creating a ruckus at the event and making a fool of himself in front of so many people irked the bride and her family.

People raised concerns as to why the groom pulled off this embarrassing stunt in the first place. Unimpressed by the groom’s drama, the bride eventually decided to call off the wedding. The groom was also taken into custody for questioning.

A video of the incident went viral online.

On watching him, people facepalmed at the nuisance he created during his wedding.

Oh boy! He clearly got carried away with his acting. LOL!

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