Groom Plays Video Of Bride Cheating On Him At Their Wedding Day In Front Of Guests

We underestimate the kind of effect a broken heart has on a person. It can either teach you to be humble and grounded or it can turn you vicious to the point where you would go to an extreme length to see that one person in pain. While some of us wait for Karma to do its magic, some people take matters into their own hand to teach those who broke their hearts a lesson to remember.

Speaking of which, a groom played a video of his bride cheating on him with her brother-in-law on their wedding day in front of all their guests, reports The Sun. The incident took place in Fujian in south-eastern China.

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The video showed the bride and groom walking down the aisle and taking their positions on a stage. A clip of the bride having sex with another man starts playing on the screen behind them. The entire room full of guests were left stunned when the groom looked at the bride and said, “You thought I didn’t know?”

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The bride is then seen throwing the flower bouquet at the groom’s face. They are then separated by their family and friends.

According to Metro UK, the groom discovered that his wife is having an affair with her pregnant sister’s husband. The groom had allegedly installed security cameras in their future home during its renovation period where the ‘cheating’ took place.

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Local media thinks that the clip is nothing but a “marketing stunt” by a video sharing app. It is alleged that the clip first released “exclusively” on a video-sharing app called Aubergine Video and had its logo attached to it.

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Another influential Chinese blogger claimed that the bride fell in love with her brother-in-law after suffering from domestic violence by the groom. The had only agreed on the marriage after the groom offered her a flat and a car.

We cannot guarantee the authenticity of the video. However, if the incident really took place then there cannot be a more savage way to take revenge on a cheating partner!

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