Woman Finds That Her Son’s Bride Is Actually Her Lost Daughter Minutes Before Wedding

I have been to a few dozen wedding in my entire life and not once have I come across the drama that is promised in Indian television and movies. I have waited for someone to scream ‘Yeh shaadi nahi ho sakti’, an ex to show up and ruin everything, or even the bride to walk out from the mandap in a 3 Idiots-like way. But alas, such things seem to happen at every other wedding that I don’t get to attend.

For example, in a recent wedding that took place in Suzhou, located in the Jiangsu province in China, the mother of the groom realised that his bride is actually her long lost daughter!

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According to Times Now, the woman noticed a birthmark on the bride’s hand which was similar to the one her lost daughter had on her hand.

The mother then went to the bride’s parents and asked them if they had adopted the girl about 20 years back. The bride’s parents were taken aback, for it was true and they had kept it a secret. They revealed that they had found the girl as a baby along the roadside and had decided to raise her as their own, reports Daily Star.

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On hearing the story, the bride burst into happy tears. But after she composed herself, she realised that she can’t get through the wedding as she would be marrying her own brother.

In another fortunate twist, the mother revealed that after she lost her daughter, she adopted a boy, who was now the groom. Therefore technically, the bride and the groom weren’t biological siblings. Hence, they could marry!

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The couple then went ahead with the wedding and completed the rituals happily.

Is this the best plot twist or what?!

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