Groom Gifts Bride A Baby Donkey On Their Wedding Day, The 3 Are Now A Happy Family

Imagine you’re a groom. What, according to you, would be the perfect wedding gift to the bride? A diamond ring? An all-expenses paid trip to the Maldives? A puppy, if the bride is a dog lover and can take care of the pet? A car? I bet these are some of the surprises that will instantly come to your mind.

However, a guy named Azlan Shah, who is a Pakistani YouTuber and recently got married to his lady love Warisha Javed Khan, decided to gift her a baby donkey, reported News18.


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Why this unusual gift, you ask? In a video documenting the entire incident, Azlan mentions that Warisha loves baby donkeys! What’s even more heartwarming is that Azlan didn’t want to separate the baby donkey from its mother, so he brought the mama donkey with him too.

The couple posted pictures of the three of them on Instagram and the result is all shades adorbs!

Warisha seems to LOVE the new addition to her family.

There is so much love packed into these photographs.

Here’s the video! In it, you’ll find the baby donkey making quite a star entry and Warisha immediately falling in love. Azlan explains that goats are the world’s most hardworking and loving animals. He also thinks that the ‘gadha’ is his spirit animal!

“I always knew that @warisha.jk loves baby Donkeys so here’s a wedding gift to her from my side. ♥️ P.S: we didn’t separate this baby Donkey from his mother we brought her along,” Azlan wrote on Instagram.

While some might think that this whole incident is a publicity stunt, it turns out that the couple indeed adopted the animal and have apparently named him ‘Bhola’!


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The most unexpected yet the cutest wedding gift indeed!❤️

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