Grofers Shows Us How Savings Can Lead To Bigger Celebrations And Happiness

It’s that time of the year again when our homes will be lit with fairy lights, our fridges will be filled with halwa and mithai, and our hands will be waiting to give and receive beautiful gifts. Diwali is indeed the happiest festival!

Festivals mean celebration. And with celebration comes moments of happiness!

True happiness is in the small things; like the joy of finding a 500 rupee note in our jeans pocket right before Diwali, the peace of falling asleep on your mother’s lap after making rangolis, or the happy feeling you get during festive season because you have extra money from savings on online grocery shopping!

Grofers’ new festive video is a brilliant example of how we can smartly save money while buying groceries year-round so that we get to enjoy to our heart’s content throughout the festive season!

Just like the video, there are many who make a series of savings throughout the month with every purchase. Because every saving can lead to bigger happiness – like extra fairy lights, more sweets to eat, more colours for rangoli, and gifts for everybody on Diwali!

So, allow yourself to spend some of your savings on Diwali to make it special. Let down your guard and enjoy this festive season without thinking about your pocket!