To All The Grandparents Out There, We Love You Coz You’re The Best…

They are your staunch supporters. Their face lights up with a smile when they see you. And they love you unconditionally. Here are a few reasons why no other relationship in your life can be compared to the one you have with your grandparents:

1. They have the most fascinating stories from 50 years ago

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There’s no need for those history books. Your grandparents can tell you all about the time when India got her freedom in 1947 or all about the Dandi March.


2. They might have been strict with your parents, but they act like your friends

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You can talk to them about random stuff and laugh with them.


3. They stay by your side day and night if you are not feeling well

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Even if you are down with cough and cold, they will be there next to you, offering you hot water to drink and  a soft blanket to curl up under.


4. They are proud of even the smallest of your achievements

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Be it anything- right from the spelling competition in third standard or the exams that decide which college you will get into- they are still proud of you no matter what.


5. Utter the word “hungry”, and you will have a feast laid out for you

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Grandparents don’t mind it even if you say you are hungry, about 20 times a day.


6. The relationship that your grandparents have makes you realize that true love does exist

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People are more important than stupid mistakes and that ugly troll called ego that strolls in our heart.


7. They support you when your parents are scolding you

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So you watched TV for 2 hours when you have a test tomorrow. Grandparents would make the best lawyers because they can defend you over anything.


8. They know all your favourite foods, and make sure they make it when you visit them

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And of course, no matter how much weight you put on, they still think you are malnourished and need to eat more.


9. They tell you about the time your parents bunked school, and you get to gloat

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Then you get to tell you parents that they can’t scold you because they had done the same stuff when they were your age.


10. Every time you meet, they shower you with sweets and provide you with pocket money

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They are your personal bank.


11. You truly understand the meaning of the word “selfless” when you are with them

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They always think about you first: whether you have eaten, whether you slept enough or whether you have enough money in your pockets.


12. It’s a lot of fun to teach them about technology


You also learn to appreciate how easy life is for you after looking at them being amazed at the way you can communicate with people across the world within seconds.

“Touch the green button first, then the red one.”


13. You learn important life lessons from them- like not to take everything for granted

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14. Their love for you is unconditional

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You: “I don’t want to eat the palak ki sabji”

Grandmom: “Okay beta, what do you want to eat then?”

*Parents glaring at you from the corner of the room*


15. Because this bond cannot be described even with all the points in this list

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The first thing I am doing after writing this, is going home and hugging my grandparents.

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