Grandma Wins The Internet’s Heart By Swaying To Hip Hop Song With Her Granddaughter

Right now, everyone’s timelines have been busy with #MeToo stories from all walks of life. And although the movement has gained full momentum in India one year after its inception, everyone has appreciated its importance. That said, learning about the kind of pain men have inflicted upon the society can be taxing to the mind and the soul. So, if you need a break, we’ve a dancing grandma to make your day a little better.

Twitter user Marium Ali recently shared a video of her swaying to Tyga’s ‘Dip’, while her grandma is staring at your soul through the camera. While that’s terrifying, what she did next is equally entertaining.

Given our intricate knowledge about desi moms and grandmas, we know that she wasn’t wrong in thinking that she was going to be slapped. But it was quite a delight to give in to the beats with some thumkas and a smile that can light a thousand bulbs.

As soon as the video hit the internet, grandma over here gained thousands of fans who couldn’t stop watching her dance moves.

1. We were all scared.

2. That death stare though.

3. She has a lot of it.

4. She was just getting started.

5. She can probably foresee the twerk coming around the corner.

6. In a good way though.

7. Amen to that!

8. No doubts about that.

9. Isn’t that right?

10. Who doesn’t?

11. That would’ve been one helluva slap.

12. So relatable.

13. Even M. Night Shyamalan couldn’t have scripted such a twist.

14. So true.

15. Hell to the yes!

The video is certainly one of the most cutest things you’ll get to see all month long. However, please be careful before trying these kind of stunts at homes. Take all necessary precautions before even beginning to think about grooving with your family members. That said, don’t forget to record it because even in failure you might be able to entertain us.