Woman Gifts Grandma Her 1st Barbie Doll Which She Wanted As A Kid, Twitter Reacts

Remember as kids when we walked past a toy shop and spotted a shiny remote-control car, an action figure or a beautiful doll and wanted it so bad? While many of our parents bought us those toys which we wanted, the desires of many others laid bare.

However, one woman decided to gift her grandmother a brand new Barbie doll which she wanted ever since she was a little girl, reports The Indian Express. In a video capturing the heartwarming incident, the grandma opens the pink gift wrap and when she finds the Barbie doll inside the box, she bursts into happy tears! Have a look at the video here:

People online were left touched by the video. While some narrated similar incidents, others expressed how there’s no age bar to have our wishes fulfilled.

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Our grandparents may have left many such desires behind over the years. Maybe we can take note of them and surprise them in similar ways? Because the happiness they will get from it is precious! 🙂

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