Family’s Thoughtful Attempt To Scatter Their Grandma’s Ashes Ends With Hilarious Twist

ash scattering

Death of a loved one is a tragic experience. It feels like someone has literally ripped out a piece of your heart. It hurts and people deal with it differently.

Some shut themselves in from the rest of the world while some find humour in their good memories.

Twitter user Mitch Feltscheer penned down a thread reminiscing funny memories from the time when his family went to conduct his grandmother’s ash scattering ceremony.

1. So here’s the beginning…

2. Can’t believe he’s talking about ‘chucking’ his mother.

3. Even in death, she sure knew how to make her presence felt.

4. The visuals are starting to look funny already.

5. Oh my grandma, no!


7. At least that’s a solace. And all well that eds well, right?

If I remember correctly, something similar happened in the movie The Big Lebowski, no?

My solace? It lies in knowing that even in a tragic situation like death which makes most people depressed, this grandmother actually made her entire family smile, laugh actually in her memory.

If there’s anything that hurts more than losing a loved one, it is the inability you develop to find happiness again. But like they, people who leave us are always watching over us and looking out for us, if not physically, spiritually.

Cover Image Courtesy – Working Title Films

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