13 Signs You Are The Ultimate Grammar Police

Grammar Police/Nazi – someone who has an obsessive need to correct incorrect grammar and punctuation.

God bless Microsoft Word for that little red line it puts under an incorrect spelling or a wrong punctuation mark. If it weren’t for that, most of us wouldn’t have learnt the difference between their, they’re, and there. But, sadly, a lot of people still haven’t understood it, and it drives some of us CRAZY.

If you happen to be one of the people who corrects someone’s grammar during an argument because you just cannot tolerate it, you can proudly call yourself a Grammar Nazi. And you will relate to the points mentioned below.

1. You claim to have a very good grasp of the English language

Image source


2. You pronounce certain words differently, and make people laugh

Image source

“THAT is the correct way of saying it”.


3. Your head starts to hurt looking at people misspelling words on the Internet

Image source


4. You always correct people’s Grammar, either on text or in person



5. Nothing makes you happier than correcting someone’s grammar while arguing with them

Image source

Oh, the joy.


6. You fancy using elaborate words as compared to simple ones

Image source

Just to prove your prowess in applying English.


7. You get infuriated when someone corrects your grammar

Image source

Given that you correct everyone else, it’s only fair that you accept it when it’s done to you. If they’re right, that is.

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8. You point out the incorrect punctuations people use in a sentence


They just don’t get the importance of it, do they?


9. First, you correct them, and then, you continue the conversation



10. You proof read your status update at least 5 times before putting it up

Image source

After all, there is a reputation to maintain.


11. You want to wear this T-shirt for people you don’t know very well

Image source

You know, just in case.


12. You might even come across as an uptight person who keeps correcting people, but that’s okay

Image source


13. Because using correct grammar and punctuation saves lives

Image source

Figuratively, not literally.

So, don’t be afraid to correct someone’s Grammar in the future. Remember, haters gonna hate. Even though that phrase is grammatically incorrect. Sigh.

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