Govt To Sponsor Your Travel Expenses If You Visit 15 Indian Tourist Spots A Year

If your broke pockets are limiting your dreams to travel and witness the beauty of different parts of our country, hang on! Our government has just come up with a plan that aims to benefit the travelers.

As per the ‘Paryatan parv’ initiative, the government will take care of your expenses if you travel to 15 domestic tourist spots in a year as an incentive, reports The Hindu.

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“The tourism ministry will fund the travel expenses of tourists who visit 15 destinations in the country in a year and submit the photos on our website,” Union Tourism Minister Prahlad Singh Patel said at the concluding ceremony of the two-day National Tourism Conference in Odisha’s Konark, reports ET.

But tourists will have to travel outside their home state to avail the incentives. “We should honor these people as brand ambassadors of Indian Tourism,” Patel added.

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He also said that the Sun Temple at Konark will also be included in the list of ‘iconic sites’. He assured that a special event will be organized to announce the commencement of this initiative soon.

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Rupinder Brar, Additional Director General of Tourism, said, “The ministry has been organizing certificate programs for candidates intending to work as tourist guides. But, the participation of Odisha in this program is very low and it needs to be enhanced. The state government should encourage students to take part in the certificate course.”

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Me and my broke ass are eagerly waiting for this plan to work out really soon, what about you?

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