Govt Job Memes Rain Online As Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal Gets Fired By New Owner Elon Musk

In case you haven’t been following the news lately, billionaire and Tesla head Elon Musk has finally acquired Twitter in the $44 billion deal that has been going back and forth for 6 months now. And one of his first actions after becoming the new owner of the social media platform was to fire CEO Parag Agrawal and 3 other top executives including Vijaya Gadde (Head of Legal, Policy and Trust), CFO Ned Segal and General Counsel Sean Edgett.

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Ever since Elon Musk had announced his plans of acquiring the company, it was evident that Parag Agrawal wouldn’t last long because the two had been in loggerheads concerning their ideas of free speech.

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But funnily, on the other hand, Indians on Twitter have been raving about government jobs because “job security”. Would a candidate like Parag Agrawal ever get fired if he had a government job in India? Probably not. And his elimination from the ‘throne’ went on to prove what our parents’ and grandparents’ generations believe in – government jobs are better than private jobs.

Have a look:

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On the brighter side, Parag Agrawal won’t be leaving empty handed. According to Hindustan Times, he will be leaving with an estimated $42 million – a year’s worth of his base salary along with accelerated vesting of all equity awards.

Waiting to see Elon Musk’s next move.

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