Student Slams Govt For Not Helping Them Escape From Ukraine But Receiving Them With Roses

It’s been a week since the President of Russia Vladimir Putin announced a military operation in Ukraine. And even today, Indians stuck in the war-hit zone are desperately trying to escape and come back to their country.

While several of them have landed safely in the country, things are escalating quickly on the ground. Among those who returned home is this man from Bihar who said that the government hasn’t been helpful enough for their evacuation from Ukraine.

“When we crossed the border, the Indian embassy did help us, but before that, no one helped us. Whatever we did, we did it on our own.”

In a video, Divyanshu Singh, a student from Motihari, further said, “We voluntarily formulated a group of 10 people and took the jam-packed train and escaped from there. The locals there also helped us and we weren’t subjected to any harassment. However, there were some students who were manhandled at the Poland border.”

“The government is at fault here because if they had taken the right actions at the right time then we wouldn’t have suffered.”

He further elaborated that if the ministers would have been proactive in bringing them home, they wouldn’t have to receive the returnees with flowers and garlands.

“Officials are giving us roses at the airport. But when we were stranded at the borders, nobody came to help us. Had the government evacuated us on time, there would have been no need for these show-offs.”

Sharing how they showed others the way to exit from Ukraine, he said, “If something would have happened to us, our family would have suffered. We planned the entire escape ourselves and after us, many followed the guidelines and were able to get out. They didn’t face a lot of difficulties but we did,” he concluded.

Earlier, a girl from Uttar Pradesh claimed that Russian soldiers are taking away girls. A boy named Naveen Shekharappa was also killed by the shelling in Ukraine while he was standing in queue for food.

We hope everyone returns home safely.

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