20 Amazing Game Of Thrones Gift Items That Every Fan Would Die To Have

We all want to gift our loved ones something they would love and appreciate. But often we cannot decide what to gift them. So, here is a solution for you.

If someone is a Game of Thrones fan then there is hardly anything that would excite him or her more than a Game of Thrones merchandise.

Here are some of the amazing gift items that you should give to anybody who is a fan of the series.

1. The House Stark Sweatshirt

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Put on the sweatshirt and let the world know that, Winter is Coming. And when winter comes make sure you are with the right house and wearing the right dress.

You can get it here. 


2.  I am Khaleesi T-shirt

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Whoever calls you his princess, tell him that you are not a princess but a Khalessi. On the other hand, boys can also tell the girls that, ‘Sorry ladies but I am with the Night’s watch.’

You can get it here.


3. Jon Snow’s Valyrian sword

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You cannot be a Game of Thrones fan and not love the Valyrian swords. In fact, you can possess a replica of Jon Snow’s famous sword. Well, he might know nothing but he knows how to wield his sword.

You can get it here.


4.  A drinking horn

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Let’s admit it, it’s way too cooler to drink from a drinking horn than a boring beer mug. And for the record, you can also get beers mugs with the sigil of your favourite house too.

You can get something similar here.


5. The Hand of the King pin

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Who wouldn’t want the thing that belongs to the second most powerful person in the kingdom? Also, the fact that some of the most glamorous characters of the show have worn this pin, makes it more special.

You can get it here.


6. Key Ring with the sigil of your favourite house

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Say goodbye all those boring key rings, and rather get a key ring that would show the house who you love and support.

You can get it here.


7. A Hodor Wallet

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Your wallet contains most of the important items, from cash to cards, and without your wallet you are pretty much helpless. Well having a Hodor wallet will somehow make you feel more secure.

You can get it here.


8. Travel pillow

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When travel, travel in style. This travel pillow will certainly grab a few eyeballs whenever you travel.

You can get it here.


9. The all houses Umbrella

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An umbrella protects you from the rains and the sun. So, having an umbrella with sigils of all the houses will not only look more stylish but you can also feel a little more safe, knowing that all the houses are there to protect you.

You can get it here.


10. The Khalessi’s Dragon Egg necklace

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Get hold of this dragon egg necklace and let everybody know that you believe in fire and blood. If you have the dragon egg then it kind of makes you the mother of dragons. Doesn’t it?

You can get it here.


11. Daenerys’ Ring

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Although you might not get hold of three dragons but you can definitely get hold of her ring. You might not have an army but that shouldn’t stop you from feeling like a Khaleesi.

You can get the ring here.


12. Cushions covers of all the houses

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Get hold of these and redecorate your living room in a way that it would eat, sleep and breathe Game of Thrones.

You can get all of these here.


13. I drink and I know things Coffee mug

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Shouldn’t your coffee mug exactly say these lines? The mug would make sure that you do not feel uninspired any morning.

You can get it here.


14. The Petyr Baelish Table clock

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The man who knows how timing is everything is undoubtedly the perfect guy who should be there on your table clock.

You can this cool clock here.


15. A Jon Snow Vinyl figure

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For all the Jon Snow fans, this is probably the only way you can own him. The cute figure will definitely become the new attraction of your room.

You can it here.


16. The House Stark Stein with crown top

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This in a way fulfills our long wish to see the crown on the head of a Stark. This stein would serve as the perfect tumbler to hold all your drinks and fluids.

Get this awesome stein here


17. Iron Thrones replica

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You might not be able to sit on the real Iron Throne but that shouldn’t stop you from getting a replica of your own.

Get your own Iron Throne here


18. Game Of Thrones Monopoly and Board games

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If you own these board games, you can play our own ‘Game of Thrones’, where you might win and nobody needs to die as well.

You can get hold of the Game of Thrones monopoly game from here


19. The Hand of the King Flash Drive

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If you do not want to wear the pin, then you can at least own this pen drive. So, whenever you would give your friends your flash drive it would definitely make them a little jealous.

You can this cool flash drive here


20. The map of Westeros blanket

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This blanket would not only keep you warm but also help you to find your way if you ever get magically transported to Westeros.

You can buy this awesome blanket here.

So, which one are you gonna buy first?

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