Scientists Predict List Of Characters Most Likely To Die Next In ‘Game Of Thrones’

Disclaimer: Minor spoilers ahead. Tread carefully.

On a scale of one to ‘what the hell just happened?’, how shaken were you when Ned Stark’s head was chopped off like an onion? Someone wise has said, never ever express who’s your favourite character on the addictive fantasy drama, Game of Thrones.

Because the minute you start liking someone on GoT, chances are so damn high that they’ll be killed off pretty soon. But what if we told you there’s a legit way to predict who dies next on Game of Thrones? Seven hells can break loose, but we want to know that.

PhD candidate, Milan Janosov of Central European University, has a way to predict the next death. In a paper published for the university, Janosov said,

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“I decided to come up with a ranking for the characters based on how likely it is they will die. Game of Thrones is a complex world in which social position and true friends seem to be quite important, so I quantified each character’s social interaction patterns using the tools of network science. I then predict their fate using machine learning methods.”


He has explained it in his paper how he came up with the idea and also how he implemented it. More so he had a list of predicted characters likely to die soon on the season, and we are flipping out because one of them came true.

Game of Thrones characters and their probability of dying based on their network centrality patterns, and the error of these probabilities based on repeating the prediction (with five-fold cross-validation) a hundred times. Image Source


According to the predictions, Tyene Sand or Daenerys Targaryen have the highest chances of being killed off. But, so far in two episodes, they have not been. But, there’s another Sand on the list who was killed off. So, it’s pretty legit. Obara Sand. ?

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Now that there’s proof, we are working our ways with multiple theories as to how come Daenerys’s name is up so high. What will happen to the dragons if the Mother of Dragons is killed? ? Even the thought of it breaks my heart. ?

But, this is pretty cool, isn’t it? We mean the predictions. You can read up more on it or about the technical aspects of how it is calculated if you’d like.

Source: CNS

Cover Image Courtesy: HBO