Gordon Ramsay’s Pics Of Dishes From His Restuarant Have People Asking ‘Where Is The Food?’

You know how we go to restaurants to eat ekdam pet bharke? Guess Gordon Ramsay doesn’t understand that.

If you have ever been to a high-end fancy restaurant, you’d know that quantity is something that you’ll have to forget. You could ask for a plate of noodles that cost Rs. 400 a plate and expect you’d get enough to fill 3 stomachs. But then to your utter surprise (read: disappointment), you’re served this:

Representational Image

How mad would you get?

Now coming back to Gordon Ramsay. The man may be a food genius but his food can really confuse the aam aadmi. Like recently, he took to Twitter to post pictures of three dishes, all beautifully presented, from his restaurant in London.

But netizens were like, “khana kidhar hai?”

See for yourself!

I absolutely love Gordon Ramsay but desi chowmein for Rs. 20 a plate from a roadside stall serves enough to fill the stomach and the heart!