Ramsay’s Latest BURNS To Those Who Ask Him For A Food Review Prove That He’s The King Of Sass

Chef Gordon Ramsay is definitely one of the sassiest and wittiest critics on the small screen. We’ve all witnessed his snarky remarks to the contestants giving them a dose of what it’s like to work in his kitchen. He took his expertise to Twitter and had the most savage replies for people who asked him to critique their food.

And now we’ve got the second edition where Ramsay has upped his sarcasm game and proved that he’s savage than before.

1. And that’s why we use an apron in the kitchen folks!

2. Ladies, always check your manicures before clicking!

3. Toilet humour and food, what a classic combination!

4. If Ramsay said it, it has to be done!

5. That burn definitely needs some aloe vera!

6. Tips with Ramsay 101

7. That’s one way to go!

8. Ouch!

9. I kind of agree with him TBH!

10. Munchies?

11. “Hey, Mum! I got some news!”

12. Elsa knows best!

13. Mum’s breakfast was a strong no!

14. This one’s my personal favourite!

15. I think the test was – how much can a chicken take?

16. Professional advise for the aspiring contestant!

17. Ramsay’s hearing is pretty strong!

18. Please clear Mr. Ramsay’s doubt

19. If it counts at all, I’d eat it!

20. Desi diss!

Do you dare to send some of your Masterchef masterpieces to the savage critic himself?

I know I would.

Never change Ramsay, never change!

Cover Image Source: Kitchen Nightmares