19 Google Search Tricks To Find The Most Accurate Results

Sometimes no matter how specific you get with your keywords, Google, like a stubborn child shows only what it wants to. And images of busty ladies are its best way to annoy you (or perhaps, to tempt you into doing something other than work). But nevertheless, if it gives you problems, it is only because you are not being smart enough in your search measures.

Following listed are some of the Google tricks that perhaps you never knew of before. These can help you minimize the accidental openings of porn links on your browser and help you find just what you want to.

1. Put asterisks in place of the word you can’t remember in a song (or, any phrase), and Google will understand you



2. Prefixing “intitle:” to the keywords will show results that have those keywords in their titles



3. You can exclude words that you don’t want the results to include by prefixing the ‘minus’ sign to the word you want to exclude



4. You can do two Google Searches on the same tab! Just follow this format- “X” OR “Y”



5. Hilarious GIFs can be found easily by clicking “Animated” from “Search Tools”



6. Want to research a bit too deep into the past? Google News has digitized versions of newspapers from even 1800s! Find them here.


Google News is an internet, in the internet.


7. Search to see if your website is given as a link on some other website by typing- link:[insert website’s name]


Or, simply search for sites that give links to other websites.


8. When the search is figure related (year, price, any number), use- [insert subject you want to search]2011..2014



9. And to find websites of similar nature, enter- related:[insert website’s name]



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10. To find places near your area, simply say- [insert the place kind] near me



11. To find the data published within a particular time frame, Go to- Search Tools -> Any time -> Choose the time frame



12. To find your public IP address real quick, simply type and enter- ip address, in the browser



13. Know the flight schedule by typing – [insert the name of the flight]



In addition to the aforementioned quick tricks to find near-accurate results on Google, following are some of the other good uses of Google;

14. Set a timer by simply typing- Set timer for [insert time]



15. It has a ‘tip calculator’. Just type- tip calculator, in the search box!



16. Search for the origin of words by suffixing etymology to the word. Follow- [insert word] etymology



17. Compare two foods by simply typing – X vs Y



18. In order to know the time of sunrise and sunset in your city, type- sunrise [insert city name], or, sunset [insert city name]



19. Want to see a lot of Google Doodles and smile? Click ‘I’m feeling lucky’

Quick fact: The first Google Doodle came out in 1998 and the catalog that appears when you hit ‘I’m feeling lucky’ has ’em all.



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