Husband Finds Out About Wife’s Affair Using Google Street View, Ends Marriage

google street view

Maintaining a private life is an extremely tough task these days. Try what you may, thanks to the leaps and bounds we’ve had in technological advancement and by extension social media, true privacy is a thing of the past now. Unless you make a conscious effort to be super duper careful with the kind of access technology has to your life, anyone with an internet access can whir up details about you in a matter of minutes.

However, given that technology has become so intricately entwined into our day to day lives, avoiding it is easier said than done.

So much so, that you apparently can’t even have an affair in peace these days. Just ask this woman from Peru.

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The image shows a really lovely moment, doesn’t it? Two lovers spending a beautiful day at the Puente de los Suspiros de Barranco [Bridge of Sighs of the Ravine] in Lima. The woman tenderly stroking his hair as he lays on the bench with his head on her lap. So romantic, right?

Her husband would beg to differ. Because that ain’t him on her lap. And how did he find out about his wife’s illicit rendezvous? Enter Google Street View.

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The Peruvian man was researching for the best route to take in order to reach this popular spot in Lima when he noticed a familiar figure on the screen.

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He recognised the outfit worn by the woman in the picture as something his wife wears very often, and on a closer look came to the shocking revelation that it was indeed his wife with an unknown man.

According to the Dailymail UK, these images were captured by a Google camera car at Puente de los Suspiros de Barranco in 2013.

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Armed with evidence, the man confronted his wife who admitted to having had an affair. Not long after, the couple ended their marriage. The man reportedly also shared the images on social media where his followers sympathised with him and marvelled that “it is a small world” after all.

Imagine finding out your spouse isn’t faithful to you through something like Google Maps. Daayum, son. That’s cold.

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