Man Takes Shortcut To Save 15 Minutes, Google Maps Gives Him An Unexpected Adventure Instead

Usually, when we go on a trip, we make plans, stick to itineraries and make sure we don’t go off-track. But any traveller worth his salt will tell you that the real joy of travelling comes from spontaneity and taking the less beaten path.

Getting lost is never a waste of time.

That is what turns an ordinary journey into an escapade. And if you need proof, we have it right here. Bruce and his friends planned a night of camping together. They decided to do it in Australia’s Blue Mountains area near Sydney. While driving his Diesel PX2 Ford Ranger, Bruce decided to ask for directions. And like everyone else these days, he turned to Google Maps. It showed him a shortcut which would save 15 minutes from his ETA. So he took it. The detour cost him 2 hours but he enjoyed every second of it. Here’s why.

First, Google Maps took him to a pine plantation. He had enough fuel for the car and supplies for himself, so he decided to see it through.

Then came rutted roads. No turning back now, so he pushed forward carefully.

This is what was going through his mind at that point

“When I realised I was kinda lost, I just started to take photos as I was already running late. Better to take it slow than rush and create safety issues.”

Sure enough, he was rewarded for his risk. He ended up in this picturesque rainforest

And spotted some kangaroos too! How cool is that?

He did reach the campsite eventually. Even though he was really late, he had no regrets whatsoever. And those who heard his story wanted to experience the adventure too. Take a look.

Doesn’t this make you want to sit in your car and take the road less travelled? No specific destination in mind, just satiating the feeling of wanderlust.

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