7 Places Google Earth Doesn’t Want You To See

Google might be the key to everything you wish to know, but talking about its feature, Google Earth in particular, there is a limitation. The limitation lies in the fact that there are certain places in the world it won’t let you see. Places like:

1. Volkel Air Base, Netherlands


truTV reports that the place had secrets to keep, considering it went quickly blurry after WikiLeaks published a diplomatic cable alleging the presence of nuclear warheads at the base.

Fact Source


2. The Royal Residence, The Netherlands


There are many places on Google maps related to the Dutch royal family that are blurred out, including their palace- Koninklijk Paleis Amsterdam.


3. The Michael Aaf Building, Utah


The region is occupied by the US military forces that use it to test biological and chemical weapons. On Maps, the area is largely whited out.


4. NATO Air Base Geilenkirchen, Germany


Only a part of the runway seems blurred out here.


5. The White House-  Blurred on various dates, not always.

Image source
Image source

Fact Source


6. National Security Bureau Headquarters, Taiwan



7. Marcoule Nuclear Site


The site is considered highly sensitive, considering it houses a heavy amount of nuclear material.

These are some of the many places that for various reasons, are thought to be better hidden on the maps.


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